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There’s no plan of coming to a stop


I seem to be having a writer’s block even though my mind is racing these days.

I’m not posting as much because lately I’ve had new responsibilities and deadlines, uncertainties and struggles that are getting in the way of my personal writing and dreaming. I’m not making a fuss about them because they’re good and some, if anything, are stretching me out of my comfort zone which can be a worthy thing.

Honestly, it’s probably a writer’s block because I’m just trying to keep up with life.

But there’s points in life where you’re put (often whether you like it or not) in places to shake life up a little bit. They are those points in life that might be pointing you in a new direction.

Maybe there’s writer’s blocks with a holy purpose to make you start paying attention to things still unseen.

Does any of this make sense to me?

My blog posts have not been as frequent lately and I can’t say it’ll be a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing like it used to be for the next little bit. There might not be a schedule of posts like I’ve done in the past and that’s so weird for me because I like to schedule everything. But for this, for now, it’s going to be when I feel the need.

And that’s OK.

Because, there’s no plan of coming to a stop.

There’s no plan to stop because I still feel the need to write, encourage and post.

There’s no plan to stop giving credit, glory and thanks to God for all the gifts He so freely gives.

My “gift radar” stays on because it becomes part of who you are when you notice them with intention and purpose…the purpose to remember who Jesus is and what He’s done for you and for me.


Still counting and thanking God for the gifts and joys He longs and loves to give:

#1918 walking dog in the snow


#1919 dog loving the snow

#1920 the silence of snow falling to the ground


#1921 worshipping Jesus in a conference room

#1922 the unity experienced with other women at the IF:Gathering

#1923 Hearing others spiritual gifts

#1924 kitchen and laundry room cluttered with wet winter clothes


#1925 snow falling hard

#1926 making snow angels





#1927 kids building a big, deep fort

#1928 making snow cream for the first time




#1929 husband making broccoli and cheese soup

#1930 hearing a 2 year old squeal with joy sledding down a hill in the snow

#1931 playing in the most snow we’ve had in several years






#1932 making homemade donuts with friends



#1933 learning from a woman 14 years younger than me

#1934 listening to someone’s big dreams and passions

#1935 hearing a message at church about Exodus 3…Moses and giving God excuses why he didn’t think he could do anything except watch sheep.

#1936 the first flowers I saw outside in 2014…spring is close! (especially after a snow the week before)


#1937 sitting outside reading 1 John 2:24-27 on a February 70* day

#1938Focus on the good news” 1 John 2:24

#1939Remain connected to God” 1 John 2:27

#1940 hard eucharisteo – lessons to learn

#1941 the unexpected sticker at the fast food drive thru window


#1942 a 70* February weekend

#1943 sitting on a slide all at the same time with 6 women ages ranging from 27-60

#1944 laughter with those women on a play set

#1945 praying with them hand in hand on a playground

#1946 meeting a new young friend

#1947 daffodils about to burst


#1948 Dad and daughter date

#1949 Dad and daughter’s special conversations at dinner

#1950 preteen lock in at church son and daughter went to and the amazing energy and love for Jesus the leaders have to pour out to our kids

#1951 son choosing to help/play with the preteens instead of going to a school dance

Photo 1

#1952 group of women opening up and sharing from the heart

#1953 sharing what’s stirring with someone I respect

#1954 the times when I’ve shared what I heard, and it brings unexpected holy tears

#1955 Girls night out to celebrate a special birthday with friends

20140225_025802361_iOS - Copy

#1956 family dinner-out night with good conversations after a busy week

#1957 sunny and 70* on March 2

#1958 21 more years of life today

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