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This Unusual Occurance

Is it me or are the green hues of summer leaves changing into their bright red, yellow, and orange colors sooner than usual? Don’t they normally change at the end of October and early November here in central NC?

I’m welcoming this unusual occurrence because seeing the leaves turn into different colors is one of my favorite things - ever. But it kind of surprises me because I’ve learned that I’m one who clings to normalcy, routine, and even ritual. When things are threatening to change, my heart sometimes becomes anxious.

To calm my uneasiness, I can go to Hebrews 13:8 in the Bible which says,

“God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

I recently read a sermon Charles Spurgeon preached on April 29, 1849, about that chapter in the book of Hebrews. Circumstances and relationships in our lives may – hey, will – change, but God, our Father remains the same. Spurgeon's words grounded, or fixed firmly in my soul, and I hope yours are as well:

· God’s great love to his people is the same.

· God's divine purpose toward His beloved Church is the same.

· The salvation of Jesus is the same through all ages in time.

· The salvation of Jesus comes to all people the same way.

· The gospel is the same in its effects upon the hearts of people.

· God provides the same resource – Scripture.

· He has the same grace, love, mercy, and compassion for each of us.

Even when we don’t live that way, He does.

Even when we do go through change, He doesn’t.

There is beauty in change that we can see, that we can feel, that we can hear, and touch, whether it’s welcoming or uncomfortable. Change is a form of transformation when we’re trusting the Lord who never changes.

I’m slowly learning this about the outcome of change: when we hold fast to faith with our Father, it will result in beauty viewed through an eternal lens.

Embrace and maybe even enjoy the changes taking place in this season, friend, and trust that God’s love for you will never change.

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