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Wait and See: Day 2


At the moment, I’m sitting here waiting along with 18 cars behind me and I’m guessing at least 30 in front of me.  At least I get an outstanding spot to see art in front and above me.  This cloud exhibit is like no other and is only here for a few moments.  I’m just so glad I was in the right line to see it.  Each cloud in various shades of blue, gray and white are each different piece of art.  It makes this wait a little more enjoyable.

Then I think, “How many hours in my life  have I waited in school pick up lines?”  I can only imagine.  But when I think about it, that’s nothing compared to all the time in my life where I’ve waited for something.

To ride a roller coaster at the State Fair.   Bumper to bumper traffic.  At the grocery store in the slowest moving line.   Standing outside Target at 11:45pm in a long line while the freezing, cold air makes you shiver, but you have to be some of the first in line for the Day After Thanksgiving sale in order to get a good deal on the iPods your kids want for Christmas.

Waiting isn’t usually something people like to do.  Not in this fast-paced society where we want everything to be fast and now and at the snap or click of our fingers.  If you’re like me, having to wait can quickly turn into agitation and   grumpiness.  Even a little stressed.  Am I the only one?  Do you become agitated and impatient when you have to wait and all you do is keep looking at  your watch or your phone  because all you want to do move forward?

This past summer I had an opportunity.  Was it the most fun thing I did this summer?  Ahhh…no, not really.  It was the undesirable opportunity to wait.  But looking back, I’m beginning to see why.  Thinking about it even more, I realize I’ve been waiting a lot longer than this past summer.  I realize I’ve learned from it though.   This summer particularly has been different because I realized there’s beauty in waiting because I actually slowed down and looked around.

It made me wait and see.

While I waited, I began to see God more clearly in the little things in life that can actually be big things.  I’ve been to self-driven to take the time to notice.

It’s not impossible to do.  When you think about it, waiting can bring anticipation and a little bit of excitement because there’s something at the end of the wait you can’t wait to see.

I can think of a few times, can you?  A vacation.  For a concert of my favorite band.  Waiting for our wedding day.  When I was pregnant. Having lunch with one of my favorite authors.  The weeks of rehearsal as my daughter prepares to perform in a play. Christmas Day.

Aren’t some things worth the wait?

Have you ever taken the time to find something good in the wait?  While you wait, what do you see?  Do you take time to be still and pay attention to things you might not have seen if you were doing what you thought was best or what you thought you had to do or wanted to do?

This month in October, I’m going to unpack that a little bit.  I’m going to share some stories, songs and verses about waiting and seeing.  If you’d like to receive an email each day to follow along, please subscribe over to the right.   I’d love for you to share your stories too, so I welcome you to make a comment or two.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to teach me…and hopefully you…as we journey through this in October.

See you tomorrow!

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