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Wait or Move? Part 2 | Wait and See Day 14


“Much good happens in the space where nothing is happening.”

Christa Wells, singer/songwriter




Living things move even if it’s just being still and breathing.  There’s life.   There lies open space where thoughts and ideas and dreams can roam.  While you wait.

Yesterday, things I learned in a barn resurfaced and does today too.  I think they will for a while.  There’s still a few lessons from that experience that I still mull over and felt like writing down with a little bit of intention to remember.

When Emily and Christa were having conversation with us they spoke about waiting, especially from a writer’s perspective.  They’ve learned from experience that pause is a holy gift.  It got them thinking of the words they wrote in a book and songs that talk about waiting.

Emily wrote in that same “Wait” chapter:

“In the waiting, there may be slowing, but there is ever stopping.  Not completely.  Because living things move.  God is always moving toward us and we always have the choice to move toward God.  Even in the silence, even as we wait.  Maybe especially so.”

“The gift of the artist doesn’t only rest in the hands that sculpt but in the eyes that see.  Seeing the not-yet in the midst of the now is a perspective the artist has to carry.  And so we ought to pray not only for skill but for sight.  An artist who sees reveals the shape of hope.  As believers, we are seers and hopers.  We listen hard for the healing and search long for the seeing of what could be in the midst of what is.

Hope says, Wait.  It’s just a little farther.  You are not alone and this is not just your idea.”

How beautiful…as believers, we are seers and hopers.  We listen hard and search long to see what we can learn in the midst of waiting.  It’s not always your idea, it’s God’s purpose.

The waiting time can be the biggest spiritual growth.   A rich time.  It can be a time that when you look back, you wouldn’t trade it for anything.   As Christa Wells said in the barn that afternoon, “Much good happens in the space where nothing is happening”.

Space that allows you to breathe and to rest.  Space that makes time for others.   To be still and move with Jesus.  Space to pay attention.  To pray for new vision.

In that space you pause.  There, good happens because pause is a holy gift.

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