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Want to hear a story?

Everyone has a story.

God created us to share our story because every woman deep down desires to tell it to someone…

For most of my life, sharing my story has been difficult for me. I love to hear and read other people’s stories. I actually have a job creating books for others about their stories. But, when I’m asked to tell mine, that’s a different story. But the past couple of years I’ve been working at starting to tear down that wall…

To finish reading this, hop of on over to where I’m sharing my story today.

It’s a joy to add this to my list of joys – helping to launch a new blog to reach out to women from young to wise and all in between. As part of a team with other women, and as a church, we are passionate about sharing part of God’s Story with you.

“Our mission is to passionately reach out to women who have a story to tell. We want to be a place where she can share, learn and relate to other women’s stories with a devotion to Christ. Our stories are real and serve as reminders of God’s truth and relentless love for us. Through this SMCW Mission Statement we seek a transformation of our lives and the lives of those around us with the goal to help make Jesus famous.”

The blog invites you to journey with us as we uphold, inspire and encourage each other.

“…when we come together something beautiful will happen as we are encouraged by each other’s faith.” (Romans 1:12)

After several months of prayer, planning and learning, last week the SMC Women blog was launched and I’m excited to start on this journey and am inviting you to join with me!

So, come along!

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