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What Am I Doing The Next 31 Days? God Only Knows

I wasn’t planning to do this 31 Days challenge on my blog this year.

Nope.  I sure wasn’t.

I had accepted this challenge the past three years. The first time I did this was in 2012 when I wrote about 31 Revelations.  Then in 2013, Hold Tight series and last year Wait and See.

Every year brings new events, good challenges, unwanted obstacles, and fun adventures – this past year has been for sure. Personally and our family.  So much, this past summer, when I usually start thinking of a 31 Days topic, I decided I wasn’t going to join in with other great 31ers this time.

Well, that was the plan until about two hours ago.  I was praying about an opportunity (well really a dream) I’ve been encouraged to pursue.   Sitting in my “prayer chair” many thoughts were racing through my mind about a conversation I had just an hour earlier with two leaders at the church I attend.  We were just doing some dreaming and vision casting.  What if this dream really happens or maybe it’s not going to because God has other ideas?  I needed to stop, take a breath and listen.  So I did.

Then in the quietness, I heard, “God only knows”.

Well, yes.  Only God knows the answers to those questions.  He’s an All-Knowing God.

Only God knows what my day will be like tomorrow.  Only God knows how my Dad will feel after he starts chemotherapy tomorrow.  Only God knows if Syria will be attacked by Russia again tomorrow and how many lives will be lost and saved.  Only God knows how much rain we’re going to get from these strong storms hitting the eastern part of the country.

And God only knows what I’ll be writing about the next 31 days.  That’s good, because I don’t.

Yep. It came to my mind to take the 31 Day challenge without a topic or theme because I really don’t know one to choose.  So, I really don’t know what I’ll be posting but He does!  This is so unlike me to go into something cold turkey.  But I am.   There will probably be many posts with pictures and a few words, and some posts with more words and a few pictures.

God only knows what the outcome will be but I’m considering it to be a fun challenge.  Hey – I might miss a day or two, but who knows.  Well, He does.

You’re welcome to come over anytime this month to visit.  {You can subscribe to receive my posts via email if you’re interested}.

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