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What can happen in a backyard around a table


Oh my.  How sweet it is to be at a table with other women who long to be heard and eager to hear others’ stories.

Women come around to the backyard not knowing exactly what to expect.  There’s some hugs, there’s some small smiles and eyes seeing a place where they’re welcome.  There’s a table under a maple tree filled with twinkly lights.  A gentle breeze carried the smell of fresh coffee right to the nose.  The lit candles floating in mason jars are sitting on an old, wooden plank on a white table cloth.  China plates with quaint, floral prints are surrounded with mix-matched utensils.  Nothing is the same.  The patterns are all different.  All unique.  All beautiful.





Like us. We are all different.  All unique.  All beautiful.

Fifteen woman ranging from 20s to 60s fill into the chairs and look down at the cupcake on their plate and slowly up at each other, not knowing what to expect.  Not knowing where conversations will lead.  But all knew they were meant to be there.

The breeze was not just from the branches overhead – it was God’s Spirit assuring us that He was with us.  Present.  Eager.  Ready for us to tell our stories and dreams and ask questions.

Women shared their dreams and what-could-be’s.  They shared their struggles and what they see this community needs.

Even though there were many, small flames on the candles that stretched end to end on the table, a united flame grew much larger that night in each of our hearts.

At the beginning that evening things were unclear and maybe ended that way too…not exactly knowing the next step to take. But our conversation had to end sometime that evening, so prayer was given and God was thanked and women were thanked for coming.  But no one wanted it to end.  So they kept talking, which turned into more prayer with hands held, hugs, laughter and a flame continued to grow higher and wider.






That flame is now ignited and I want it to become a wildfire in Alamance County, NC.  Will you join us?

Will you gather some women around your table with a small meal and ask questions that make you look in your heart for answers?  Where you can tell about the dreams and passions hidden in the depths of your being that you’ve never been brave enough to speak out loud?  Where others listen and cheer you on and pray for you?  Where you can laugh, maybe wipe away some tears, and feel full in your stomach and soul when you leave?

So invite four or five women to gather around your kitchen table?  Or meet at the coffee shop?


Order pizza if you don’t like to cook.  Cook and decorate something that you’ve pinned on Pintrest if that’s your thing. Make a big pot of soup.  Have some cupcakes and coffee.  Whatever!  Just gather and see what happens.

If I can do it, I know you can.  Because IF you asked me to do that a few months ago, I would have looked at you like you were crazy.  But taking that step out of the boat,  getting out of my comfort zone (my most favorite place in the world to be), and planning something that is so simple yet has enormous impact on my faith – on our faith – it’s worth taking the risk.  I promise.

Hey, I’m inviting you to go to Facebook or Twitter to learn more about becoming part of this flame.  I want you to be part of it.  I want you to make that flame become a wildfire in your community.

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