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What is resonating in you?

In the busyness of February, it’s time to take a deep breath. After a short time of respite over the past couple of months where it’s dark so early and it’s so cold and/or dreary outside you just want to hibernate.

This morning when I went into the kitchen at 6:30am, before I turned the light on, I noticed I could see the silhouette of the fence and trees in the back yard with a pale dawn sky stretching out for a new day. In the past couple of months it’s been pitch black in the kitchen at that time except for the little night light plugged in the wall.


It’s time to wake up and stretch. It’s time to be awake and be aware of the life we’ve been given.

It’s time to stretch our souls.


It’s the beginning of a time to reflect and relinquish our complacency. It is the holy time (the 40 days before Easter) called Lent. I have a friend who wrote such a beautiful description of Lent: It is a time to “unload, detox, and relinquish any joy stealers, peace disturbers, and love haters in confident anticipation of finding forgiveness, grace, redemption, do-overs, love.”

During this time some people give up their well loved chocolate or habits. It is also a time to give to God. It can be a time to give a gift to God for the gift of redemption He gave us through the sacrifice of His Son.

A word keeps resonating in my thoughts this past week. I’ve been asking, “What can I give to Him?”

Intentionality. Be intentional.

Intentionally be IN His presence…it’s a perfect gift He’d love and cherish.

Intentionally be IN conversation with Him each day.

Intentionally be IN the Word each day.

Intentionally be IN family time – closing my laptop from 4pm – 9pm for family time

Intentionally be IN communication with those dear to me and those I need to be.

Intentionally be IN joy. Enjoy time with family and friends. Enjoy the little things in life that can recharge. Enjoy counting joys!

Being intentional is not easy. It’s easy to get set in your routines and habits. It’s easy to become lazy. It’s easy to get so busy you don’t have time to be intentional. It’s easy to become too tired by the evening to make any effort. It’s easy to become non-intentional about anything. I’m guilty of it…and I want to try to change that because when those things happen joy is stolen, peace becomes a battle, and love begins to fall.

Intentionally give grace. Intentionally reflect and recharge. Intentionally spread peace. Intentionally serve. Intentionally count joys. Intentionally love.


Intentionally remember how much God adores you.

What is resonating in you?

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