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What It’s Like to Wait for Your Son | Wait and See Day 28


If there’s anyone who knows about waiting, it’s my sister.   Being three and a half years older than her, growing up I thought I had the right to do things first since I was the oldest.   She waited for me to play Glamor Gals with her (did I ever, sis?).  She waited until I was off the phone talking to my friends so she could use it to call hers.  And I’m sure she could hardly wait until I moved to college so the downstairs bathroom was all hers.

But those are nothing  compared to one of the waits-in-life that’s been a weight in hers.   She’s my hero.  I look up to her.  I want to be more like her as I’m growing up.

This is my sister, Becky’s, adoption story.  She and her husband are an amazing example of living life with hope and obedience to God’s calling to adopt their son from China.

I’m so humbled and honored that she’s willing to share her story about what it’s like to wait for your child here in my corner today.

Please come on over to her Darling Place to read her story

{I love you, sis!}

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