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What’s in your pile of clutter?

There’s a pile of junk mail, photocopies of information still from school and scattered reminder notes of things needing to be checked off on my to-do list.

There’s a pile of order forms, scribbled ideas of maybe-posts, bulletins from church….just paper!


There’s a pile of clothes in the corner of our room that we’re planning to give to friends or the Good Will.

Clutter just seems to gather in piles.

There’s clutter in my mind where there are piles of unnecessary grumbles.

Those grumbles have been gathered in the soul and heart cluttering frustration, laziness, or just complaint after complaint: it’s too hot and humid; there’s nothing to do – I’m bored; I have too many chores to do; he/she is getting on my nerves.

Those grumbles can easily pile high quickly.

Grumbling goes back a long way – over 3000 years ago when the Israelites were trying to find their way to the Promised Land. They were grumbling because it was hot, because they were tired, because they were hungry, because their feet hurt (doesn’t that still sound familiar?).

But God still loved them and still blessed them. God fed them – provided them with All-You-Can-Eat buffet of manna every morning. They could eat however much they wanted. Did they eat it plain? Fry it up? Dip it in oil? Scramble it with eggs?

God told Moses, “The people are to go each day and gather enough for that day.” (Exodus 16:17-18)

Each person could eat however much he or she wanted …and needed. Some ate a little and were satisfied. Some ate a lot and were satisfied. It was always enough.

Jesus is that manna. Each morning gather as much at you can of His promises to satisfy your soul to start the day. Ask Him to give you just what you need that day…just the right Scripture that gives hope, reassurance, direction, peace…joy.

“…gather us and deliver us…that we may give thanks to your holy name, and glory in your praise. (1 Chronicles 16:35)

Joys last week:


#1459 butterfly on our first Black-Eyed Susan of the summer

#1460 still beautiful smell of a rose even when it’s petals are starting to fall off.


#1461 smell of sunscreen

#1462 smell of summer afternoon shower

#1463 seeing son have confidence he’d do a 1 1/2 flip for the first attempt and did it

#1464 his good friend cheering for him and running to give him a fist bump and encouraging words

#1465 seeing Lazarus’ story a new way (John

#1466 encouraging comment at the pool about my blog

#1467 joy isn’t happiness: only joy can get us through unhappy times.

#1468 daughter telling me I didn’t get sunburned when I was young because I didn’t have any wrinkles…after I rubbed sunscreen on her face and told her she had to so she wouldn’t get them when she got older.

#1469 painting nails with daughter and her friend outside on a beautiful summer afternoon


#1470 bright, colorful and glittery polish


#1471 Unexpected: a very fast, windy, severe storm…and all were safe.

#1472 friends helping plan a party for a friend

#1473 Unwanted: having to pick up all the sticks after the storm…but as my husband said, it’s natural pruning for the trees…just like God prunes us sometimes when it’s needed.

#1474 Gift found in my dad – how his eyes smile when he smiles

#1475 Gift found in my dad – his love for my mom for 40+ years.

#1476 Gift found in my dad – his love for me and my sister and for his grandchildren


#1477 Day lilies in bloom

#1478 Hydrangea in bloom

#1479 My husband – the father of our children and his love for the Lord.


#1480 My husband’s parents visit for the weekend

Joining in this Monday with Ann Voskamp counting…

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