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When Someone Has Compassion

When someone is angry at God and a friend mails her a book of prayers because she knows she’s struggling to pray, and reading these prayers will be a way to continue speaking to God.

When someone’s first child is packing to go away to college, and her mother is moving into a retirement community at the same time, and there’s so much on her to-do list, and a friend shows up at her mom’s house to help unpack the boxes and hang pictures on the wall.

When someone volunteers at a food packing event and then takes the food to an extremely poor community with some people from your church and delivers them to a family living in a shack that has no electricity because they can’t afford to pay the bill. She brought along a blanket and a picnic basket with plates and utensils and eats the meal with the family on their front lawn.

When someone suffers from depression and a friend texts her every morning, Monday through Friday, for one year, at 7:50 am with encouraging words along with a link to a song to listen to, as she drives to work.

When someone hears of all the extra, hard work teachers have to figure out how to teach remotely and she gives her a gift card to a coffee shop attached with a prayer you wrote for her to help her through this challenging, upcoming school year.

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