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When there’s silence…

Joining in today with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday and today’s word is LISTEN.



It’s silent. Cherish it.

Just for a few more minutes. Then the noise of the toaster popping up toast, grumbling to get to swim practice, splashing water, whistles, the vacuum cleaner humming, the beep of the check out register, scrapbook tools snipping and cutting, (usually with 80’s music playing as they work) and laughter. They can all be good things…every day, *normal* noise.

There is a difference between listening and hearing. We take for granted being able to listen. Sometimes I say I’m listening but I’m really just hearing. Just hearing jumbled up sounds that have all blurred together by the end of the day wondering if I even really listened to anything or anybody.

We hear noise. We listen to someone’s story.

We hear noise. We listen for wisdom.

We hear noise. We listen to love.

When there’s silence, the heart listens.

Make it a discipline to listen more and *just hear* less.

And Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, husband, father and grandfather and brother in-laws. You’re all such amazing men of God and are loved by me and your children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews!

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