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Whisper out quiet thanks

Honestly it’s been a pretty full week. Full of anticipation, some anxiety, added responsibility, lack of sleep, a listening ear, overwhelming feeling, excitement, on top of regular, every day things that have to take place. That’s why when I’m keeping a joy list it helps bring me down a notch or two so I won’t forget to be thankful for the complex things going on…and even more for the simple reminders of God’s goodness, grace and gifts he offers and gives daily.


Breathing in and whisper out quiet thanks to God…

#1880 sound of our coo coo clock

#1881 sound of daughter and me laughing together

#1882 taking surprise dozen of doughnuts to staff and custodians at daughter’s school in honor of Harris

#1883 bubbles rising

#1884 water when thirsty

#1885 a fluffy robe

#1886 making rice crispy treats with daughter

#1887 playing battleship with kids

#1888 weekend get away with husband including a beautiful Inn, gourmet breakfasts and relaxation.

l#1889 earning history about Fort Macon



#1890 the sacrifice soldiers made in the Civil and Revolutionary wars

#1891 feet in the sand on a cold January day

#1892 walking on the beach with my husband (even on a cold, windy day)


#1893 sand feeling like silk in between the toes

#1894 my parents showing our kids my dad’s college, taking them to Frozen and an art exhibit.

#1895 new sheets

#1896 a new sled


#1897 zipping and slipping down the drive way and road in a sled


#1898 playing with friends in the snow



#1899 grilled cheese and tomato soup on a snowy day

#1900 a ministry expo at church to show all the opportunities to know and experience Jesus more

#1902 Facilitating a new bible study of 1 John with a new group of women

#1903 God orchestrating events and people to come together to proclaim His promises.


#1904 the smell of lavender

#1905 conversation over soup and grilled cheese (much better than my own) about dreams and what God’s doing and life experiences.

#1906 Walking Wisely Weekend and the passion our student ministry leaders have for our teens

#1907 Son’s excitement leading up to it.

#1908 The family who hosted 12 crazy middle school boys (including ours) and making them feel so at home even though they made their house aroma become that of stinky shoes and sweaty boys.

#1909 their link leaders


#1910 Helping launch a new blog for women and for them to learn and tell redemptive stories.

#1911 Butterflies going crazy in my stomach and my heart rate rising a little bit as I share with women at our church my personal story.

#1912 Reading a book where almost every page has words underlined and page corners folded down. It. Is. Worth. It.

#1913 mom sending me a funny comic in the mail that is so like us

#1914 Wrote this post on facebook: Starting to dry off after getting soaked from being shockingly sprayed on my face or really my whole head, and shoulders along with the kitchen counters, refrigerator, floor and even all the way into the laundry room with cold water because the kitchen sink faucet sprayer became unscrewed from the hose and water sprayed everywhere when I turned it on!! Hahahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing after I screamed! My great hubby handy-man came to the rescue to fix it and a great son and daughter who wiped up all the water as we laughed some more!

#1915 open the blinds in early morning and shining bright right in front of me, yet so far away, the morning star. “This is going to be bright day, child” 2/7/14 and then followed by a bright pink and purple sunrise.


#1916 IF:Gathering!! Today!!

#1917We write these things to you so that you can be full of joy with us.” (1 John 1: 4 ERV)

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