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Why Fear The Lord?

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.” (NIV)

Two weekends ago, thousands of women around the world joined together to be part of IF:Gathering 2019. Jennie Allen, founder of IF:Gathering and teacher, was the first speaker at this annual women’s conference. Each year there’s a certain person, book or character to live by found in the Bible and this year, the Lord led the team to dwell on the book of Proverbs.

An odd book you may think. I did the first time I heard that’s what we’d be learning from that second weekend of February 2019. But it’s about the every-day, common sense, ways we should live. And when we live out the instructions God gives us in the book of Proverbs, it helps to grow our wisdom and understanding of God’s promises. I surely need and can take some guidance on how to live with more wisdom. How about you?

Jennie talked about how in this day and age, knowledge is extremely plentiful, especially due to technology.  But there’s a difference between knowledge and wisdom.  There’s the knowledge from man and the knowledge from God and His people which is called wisdom.  And even though, as believers, we can offer and consume spiritual encouragement online through social media, blogs and websites, it’s not quite the same as opening your Bible and reading from it.  God wants us to go to our Bible first and foremost and so desires us to look into His Word as often as we do our smart phones.  I’m guilty of being one who thinks I know God, but I really don’t know God.  It’s hard to fathom His POWER, STRENGTH, WISDOM and OMNISCIENCE.  He is SO MIGHTY, it should make us TREMBLE!  He is GOD, the BEGINNING, the CREATOR of ALL things – and still LONGS to have a LOVE RELATIONSHIP with YOU and me.

God wants us to know how BIG HE IS. He WANTS us to EXPERIENCE HIM and FEAR of being in HIS PRESENCE. Just so we’ll actually KNOW He is GOD and our SAVIOR!

Think about that today…STAY in His Word, meditate on fearing Him and His mightiness.

Powerful God, You are Holy, Omniscient, and in control of all things.  You are MIGHTY TO SAVE!  Mighty to save each one of us.  Thank You so much for Your unfailing love and Your amazing grace!  May we each have a holy experience that brings us even closer to You.  In Jesus’ Name!

Thank you for stopping by, friend. May you lean into God’s Truth and grow in the wisdom of the One who knows your heart and still loves you. This week I’m leading discussions in an online Bible study and want to share what I’ve been learning with you, too. You’re welcome to come back and visit each day this week and join along . Tomorrow we’ll be reading Proverbs 2:1-6 so come on back and continue learning with me. You’re also welcome to comment below on your thoughts that you’d like to share here. Simply click on “comment” under “Leave a Reply”.

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