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Why We Have To Be Crushed, God Only Knows: Day 3




I receive an email once a week from Jan Kempe, author of “Faithful Hearts“.  Two days ago, I decided at the very last minute to do this 31 day challenge with no theme or topic like most do.  I’m just winging it and God only knows how this will end up.

Well, low and behold, I read Jan’s email the day after I decided to take on this task and guess what she’s writing about?  I laughed out loud. (Maybe like Sarah did) Well, keep reading and you’ll see why.  Here’s what Jan wrote:

“If ever we are going to be made into wine, we will have to be crushed; you can’t drink grapes.” (Oswald Chambers)

“Those of us who have had a glimpse of God and have answered, “Here I am! Send me!!” have signed up to be used by God to nourish his other children as he sees fit.  Only God knows what the people around us will need, and only God knows what it will take to make us into the broken bread and the wine of his nourishment.  It isn’t a decision to be a servant that makes us ready.  Study is not enough.  Only God knows what it will take, and it always involves crushing.

The picture today is the wine and the broken bread that Jesus shared with his friends.  It is a picture that promises nourishment to those served, but requires sacrifice of those who would serve.  Broken bread.  Crushed grapes.

When I look back through my own journal there is so much crushing.  Perhaps it’s to encourage you with this truth … God wastes nothing.  If you are in a season of crushing, keep on.  Survive in the faith that God knows how to capture the sweet wine and make it the very thing that will define you.  Does that make sense?  It’s gospel to me.  Sometimes I don’t like the fingers God has chosen to crush me … the people or the circumstances.  But whatever winepress he has chosen is not my business.  My job is to let the flavor and the character of Christ be what comes from the crushing.  There is NOTHING more personal, more beautiful and sweet than realizing that God is making you a fine vintage that will nourish his own beloved children.

Whether everything is smooth and happy right now, or some crushing is underway … rest and expect.  Trust that the Master knows what is best (not easiest), and notone drop of you be wasted.”

God is so good.  He already knew this post Jan wrote would show up in my inbox the day after I decided to do this “God Only Knows” series.  He knew how the Scripture He showed me to write about yesterday would include how Jesus drank wine and broke bread with others.  Then, the next day I hadn’t planned to read about grapes being crushed and made into wine – but I did.

Only God knew.


God only knew.


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