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writing at 4am?……Little Revelations Day 24

I’m sitting here awake at 4:15am…I’ve been awake since 2:15am.

So many thoughts are darting back and forth in my mind and I can hardly keep up with them.

I am overwhelmed by the gifts I’ve been given. Literally. Dear friends and family, and even friends whom I wish I stayed more in contact with, but still dear to my heart, have given me gifts to go on this journey. (so thank you). It just blows my mind. It gives some confirmation and reassurance. (like Gideon needed!) And I know even more are praying and cheering me on. (so thank you) But I still ask myself “WHY?” I ask Jesus, “why me?”

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so excited about something where I couldn’t sleep! I can think of other times I couldn’t sleep because of stress or burdens in my mind but just simply out of excitement and anticipation?

I have thoughts of learning from the speakers for motivation and inspiration about doing what I’ve started doing and loving what I’m loving more; going to writing labs. I hear there’s delicious food and a lot of chocolate! Getting to meet other women who love to write about real life all to give Jesus the glory. Hey, sleeping in a king size bed in a nice hotel is an added bonus! I wonder why this gift was laid in my lap. I wonder what I will do with this gift. I wonder if my story is “good enough”. What’s the story I’m going to tell others, anyway?

Being filled with little revelations…or maybe big ones.

Well, it’s 4:45am and I really should try one more time to get at least one more hour of sleep before the alarm goes off. In 14 hours it begins!


31 days
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