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You are…

Joining in with Five Minute Friday and today’s word is PRESENT


God, You are the Rock of Ages

You beauty with age in our lives

You are with us.

You are for us.

You take hold of our hand and guide us.

You delight in us.

You fight for us.

You are always present even if we feel it or not.

You love us deeply.

You redeem us.

You rescue us.

You revive us when we’ve lulled into complacency.

You allow us to make mistakes in hope that we’ll run to you for grace and forgiveness.

You see us as you created us to be.

God, You are…

How do you see God?

Next week I’m resting from writing and won’t be posting on my blog. But come on back in a week…and always strive to choose joy!



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