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You life is My prayer

Today is Five Minute Friday where join in with others who volunteer to vulnerably write the first words that come to might right after reading the word SMALL for just five minutes.


The Word says, “My life is God’s prayer.”

God says to you, “Your life is My prayer.”

God is praying for me? Does God need to pray? No, He doesn’t need to pray…He longs to. God didn’t design prayer to be where I’m the only one talking, who just pours out all my problems like pouring wasted water down the sink. He wants more than just a quick request in the morning as I run out the door asking for Him to be with me and that be the only time that day when I think of Him.

There’s got to be more. There got to be communication. God wants to have a conversation with you all day long. Even if our prayer seems small or is asking what seems an enormous request, God wants us to tell Him. Prayer is a conversation. God wants to be in conversation all day with us…and every day of our lives.

When we are in communication with the Holy God, we are praying together. He longs to tell us the plans he has for us that plants dreams inside our hearts. He wants to tell us the stories of days gone by where He’s done miracles and has power to conquer battles inside and out. He wants to talk to us about his Writing, which is Truth, and the wisdom and protection we can gain from it. He wants to tell us we are beautiful, worthy, and blessed…and that He loves us more than words can describe.


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