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You’re Not the Only One | Wait and See Day 30


And we think we have it rough here in this fast paced society whenever we have to wait.

What about Jesus?

When Jesus was here on this earth to rescue us, he got to experience what it felt like to wait.  He had to wait about 30 years until his ministry began.  Did he physically feel nervous, a longing, excited or anxious to pursue his calling and purpose while he cut wood and hammered nails day after day as a carpenter?

What about God?

He knows better than any of us what it feels like to wait.  He’s been waiting forever for us, his children, to all be together as one at his Home.  He’s still waiting for the exact date and time.   That must be so hard until then to wait when He sees the world corrupt, broken, torn and messed up.

The difference between God waiting and us waiting though, is that He knows why and we don’t.

God sees the reason we wait.  He sees the big picture.  The end of the story.  The final outcome.  He sees what is unseen to us.

To us, wait and unseen go hand in hand.   Can’t they mean the same thing?

That’s where faith comes in.   Faith is what opens our eyes to see our unseen God.  While we wait with faith, we can see God moving in the lives of us.  We’re given the unique gift to believe in the unseen.

We are to see and experience his Spirit living in us.  After all, we are created in His image.

Tomorrow is the end of this 31 Day challenge!  You’re invited to come visit one more time as this series draws to a close and pray God’s Word with me and we’ll see where it goes from here.

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