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Your dream job

Joining in with Five Minute Friday and today’s word is BEAUTIFUL.

She just got back from camp and seemed she’d grown up even more and it had only been 5 days since I’d seen her. Her hair was let down and wavy, skin golden brown and those eyes looked a little tired but filled with joy and excitement to tell us all about it. Just beautiful. Tomorrow is her 10th birthday.

My baby is now double-digit and I have to take a double look at how time goes by so quickly when this time 10 years I was about to hold her for the first time.

I remember back this past January when our family went on vacation to Disney. One of the days we got back to our hotel room from playing in that magical kingdom, we opened the door to find the housekeeper had made origami out of towels and had taken my daughter’s stuffed animals and added them to the display. It tickled her pink!


The next day we were standing in line waiting for a ride, I asked her if she could have any job at Disney what would it be? I assumed she’d want to be a princess like most mom’s probably would assume.

But she said she wanted to be a housekeeper.

She wanted to be a housekeeper so she could make fun decorations out of towels for the people staying in the hotel rooms.

I thought she’d say she wanted to be a princess or a character shaking hands and signing autograph books or a dancer in a parade or a chef at one of the gourmet restaurants.

But she would chose to have a not-so-popular job that I would have never dreamed of having yet it’s a job that brings unexpected smiles to tired families coming in from a long day. Or it would bring simple joy to children who are crying because they didn’t want to leave the park yet when arriving back at their room to see a masterpiece of art created from washcloths.

That makes her even more beautiful to me as her momma. Is this early signs showing she has a heart for others? I think so. Is this showing she has a heart to serve? I hope so. Is this showing she is a “behind the scenes” type of person? What a gift that can be.

What a gift she is to us and Happy 10th Birthday!


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