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Beth Hildebrand



We all face struggles in life. Sometimes struggles linger and we're wondering if they will ever end.


The Art of Struggling was intently written to guide your soul from the black, white, and grays of struggling into a life filled with beautiful colors of hope.


This book was created to draw you closer to God when your world feels like it's falling apart. Through a rhythmically structured collection of written prayers, Scripture, a story, reflection questions, and an artistic expression option in each chapter, this book befriends the reader through times of struggling and how to persevere with hope. 

April 19, 2022


About Me


I’m a human like you. 


I have a birthday, a childhood, good memories, regrets, joys, struggles, things I’m good at, and things I’m bad at, addictions, favorite foods, music, TV shows, and books.  I must get some sleep every night, and I have a family, friends, longings, and desires. 


We have many things in common, don’t we? 

I also believe we were each created with specific talents, abilities, purposes, and reasons. I believe we all go through seasons of struggles physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I believe we all have an art deep within, even if you can’t draw a straight line and the struggles we do have can be seen as part of a beautiful work of art (even when it doesn’t seem possible). 


On a more personal note, I’m married and have two college-age young adults and live in North Carolina.  I studied English, Art, and Human Services and currently work part-time within a non-profit organization, Feed the Hunger, Inc.  People say I’m a good listener, encourager, artistic, has a great laugh and one whom joy oozes from when dancing.

About Me

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