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Would you like to…

• Know that you are not the only one who is struggling right now. You are not alone.

• Enter a place of rest and refuge.

• Be encouraged because your hope is stronger than you think.

• Draw into the presence of God through stories, spiritual practices, and your five senses.

• Turn to the Truth to nurture your empty soul.

• Learn the art of lament.

• Gain an understanding of how Jesus and most other people in the Bible experienced the same struggles you do and how they overcame them.

• Uncover the beauty found in struggles and persevering hope.


Then, I wrote The Art of Struggling: Finding Hope When It Feels Like Your World’s Falling Apart just for you, friend. For you and for me. I needed something to help me in all those areas in my life. I needed the hope found in Jesus. So, I created this book to guide us from the grays of struggles into the colorful life of hope.


The Art of Struggling has been rhythmically structured to include stories of people in the Bible who struggled in their lives physically, emotionally, or even spiritually, along with examples of how these days we face the same struggles. Through a collection of written prayers, Scripture, a story, reflection questions, and an artistic expression option in each chapter, this book befriends you through times of struggling and how to persevere with hope.


This will be a priceless guide for you if you need hope, or do you know someone who needs hope?  Purchase The Art of Struggling for them!


Available April 19, 2022

What People Are Saying


Fil Anderson, Author of Running on Empty

“Beth Hildebrand offers a compassionate course of action helping travelers navigate life’s stormy weather with confident hope in The Art of Struggling. 

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