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31 Things I’ve Learned The Past 31+ Days |God Only Knows Day 31

I’ve been a little slack here with my monthly “Things I Learned” each month.  This is the last day of the 31 Day writing challenge, so I thought I’d share 31 things I’ve learned the past …um…3 months.  So, here I go.

  1. My son told me if he was going to rob an 18-wheeler, it would be a Little Debbie truck.  Go figure.

  1. MANY wolf spiders hang out at night in our neighborhood yards. The reason we found out is because we were shining a flashlight in the yard one night and saw pairs of two little lights all throughout the grass.  Looking to see what they were, we discovered they were spiders!  How often do we run through the yard not knowing there’s spiders everywhere!?  Gross me out!

  2. What it’s like to have lunch and conversation about women’s ministry with Jenni Catron, a writer, speaker, and leadership coach.  #feltblessed

  1. The song, Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks – As I was driving through town listening to the radio, it dawned on me what the “who, who, who” refers to in that song.  Duh!  How many years have I heard that song and I never put the two and two together?! I guess that shows  how you know the words to songs but don’t really pay attention to what they mean! “Just like the white winged dove, Sings a song, Sounds like she’s singin’ Whoo-whoo-whoo.”      It’s ama

  2. Psalm 91

  3. What it’s like when your son turns 16

  4. What it’s like to have important men in your teenage son’s life to help his parents guide and teach him how to become a godly man.

  5. Some facts about golf.  My daughter has been taking gold lessons this fall through a First Tee Program for kids.  (If you live in Alamance County…check it out).  It really is pretty cool.  It’s always good to get some golf skills under your belt from what I hear.  I’ve learned words like “bunker”, the “hosel”, “Shaft” and “sole” of a golf club!

  6. What it feels like to have your dad be so sick as he battles cancer, leukemia, and lymphodemia

  7. How amazingly fun it is to stay in a hotel with 2 strangers and a friend from years ago.  We became good friends fast, along with a few others, simply because we all love Jesus.

  1. What it’s like to attend the IF:Local Leader Gathering.  A-may-zing.

  2. What it’s like to worship with Lauren Chandler leading it. Again – A-may-zing.

  3. What it’s like to meet some of the women who encourage you that you’ve always wished you’d meet face to face (For me, Esther Havens, Ann Voskamp, and Amy Brown who I met at IF:Local Leader in FL, along with the time I got to spend with my fav Emily Freeman, and the Nester last year.)   They’ve all been a gift from God to me, as they’ve helped me see myself the way God sees me.  

  1. How good the song Good, Good Father is.

  2. How much a friend loves Jesus and is willing to risk it all.

  1. What the flavor of a skunk spray jelly bean tastes like.  DISGUSTING!  So is the flavor of stinky socks, lawn clippings, rotten eggs, and barf.  Our daughter insisted our family take the Bean Boozled challenge.  There were 2 jelly beans that looked exactly the same but had different flavors.  You couldn’t even smell the difference.  For example, there’s a pile of black jelly beans and everyone playing this game takes one, not knowing which flavor they have.  One is licorice and the other is skunk.  When you bite into the skunk jelly bean, it tastes EXACTLY what the skunk smell is.  I never swallowed one of disgusting things.  Who comes up with that?  Who wants to be a taste tester for those things?

  2. What it feels like as your daughter is really growing up physically, emotionally, and spiritually. #beautiful #crazy #hardwork  #arollercoaster  #agift #timegoestoofast

  3. What it feels like when your daughter tells you she wants to be baptized.  Pure joy.

  1. What joy it brings to be in a lake with your family and friends as your daughter is baptized on a beautiful, August evening

  2. How a lot of rain flooded a neighboring state.  

  3. What AWESOME books For the Love and Simply Tuesday are to read.

  1. What it’s like for your kids to be old enough where they go out with friends at night and my husband and I can go on a date.  Each week! This is so weird. #startinganewphaseofparenting

  2. What it’s like to go to Saturdays in Saxapahaw, NC with good friends to hear a fantastic, local bluegrass band Love and Valor that’ll become famous some day!  

  1. What it feels like to meet with a college consultant.  Our son needs to start getting ready for college!?

  2. A new Chicken Noodle Soup recipe

  3. What it feels like to become another year older – yet again, it still doesn’t feel any different than the day I did before.

  4. Hoka running shoes are great if you have plantar fasciitis. I also went to a store I’d never been to but a friend had suggested – Fleet Feet.  The manager who helped me, also a PT, told me about these HOKA shoes and how good they’re for people with PF and of course people who also run a lot, especially on trails.  These shoes have an extra layer of cushion in the sole and it’s like wearing slipper exercise shoes.

  5. I shouldn’t go this long without writing what I’ve learned

  6. I didn’t learn as many facts as I did feelings the past 3 months – either that or I haven’t been paying attention or not recording what I’m learning!

  7. 31 Day Challenge was a flop – maybe because I planned none of it in advance.  It was a flop when it comes to posting each day in October, but I hope it wasn’t a flop in the content that was posted!  Who knows?  Well, I suppose God does!

  8. I could only think of 30 things I’ve learned.

This marks the end of my 2015 31 Day Challenge – God Only Knows.  He knew I wouldn’t quite meet my goal.  That’s OK.  I did what I could and I’m OK with that.  (And my subscribe friends might be grateful I didn’t flood their email box this month!)  Seriously though, thank you friends who have followed me through this October journey and have read some of what’s been on my heart recently.  (insert heart emoticons here)

Until next time!


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