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I can almost still feel the warm, rough texture on the soles of my little feet as I slowly walked to the edge of the board. Drips of water…or perspiration… rolls down my forehead. It gets hot in the south on a summer afternoon. When I get to the edge of the diving board my little toes curl around the edge of it and stay clutched there for what seemed to be a long time. The water in our neighborhood pool looked a long way down.

Excitement and nervousness was wrapped all around a little girl who was testing her waters. Like the rush of water, feelings rush in too: trying something new and unknown, or seems to be too high or too far away, and you feel as if your heart will beat right out of your chest!

It doesn’t’ matter how you get in the pool of life! The fun doesn’t really begin until you are in it! It doesn’t really matter how you get in. It doesn’t matter if you hold your nose, squeeze your eyes shut tight or keep them them open wide! It doesn’t matter how… just get in! Take a running start, hop or skip to the edge…it’s all part of the experience! And it’s OK to walk to the edge and concentrate sometimes to take that leap of faith.

Dive into the depths of your story! Leap in with joy! Jump with all your might! Do a cannon ball and make a splash! Flip and twirl and be silly sometimes! Stretch those arms out and soar!

I’m linking up today with Five Minute Friday! And today’s word was “Dive”!

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