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Be in-joy!

Enjoy! That’s what everyone hopes to do especially during the next week and a half. Enjoy the Christmas season, enjoy the company of family, enjoy the food, enjoy watching classic Christmas movies and football games, and enjoy giving and receiving gifts.

Enjoy is “to take pleasure in”…at least that’s a definition in! But this Christmas I see enjoy a different way…to be in-joy. To be in joy!

And joy is something we must choose. Now more than ever the evil one, the thief, is trying to “steal, kill and destroy” our joy during the Christmas season which is to be a time to rejoice for our Savior’s birth. Today in the midst of wars, poverty, hunger, broken lives, and broken hearts, now more than ever, we are offered the best gift of all. It’s the gift of joy. And the real meaning of joy was given to us 2000 years ago through Jesus, that tiny baby with little fingers and toes and eyes that would melt your heart.

So, this Christmas and the end of 2012, I pray we will all choose to in-joy as we rejoice in God’ Promise and His gift to us.

Be in-joy!

Be in-joy…Emmanuel is here!

Be in-joy…Christ in us!

Be in-joy…He is our HOPE!

Merry Christmas! May you be filled with comfort and joy. He has come for us…the Messiah. He was born to give us life!

This will be my last post until January 1. I’m looking forward to some time with family and friends and time to prepare for a new year…of unknown possibilities and assured joys I will continue to hunt for…and challenge you to do the same!

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