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Cherish the beauty


Everything is white. There’s a blanket of snow covering the ground and clinging to the tree trunks, branches, plants and even the daffodil buds that have already appeared in the middle of January. The sun is waking up and smiling to see the beauty below in this place that doesn’t get snow very often. Before long the trees will be crying because it won’t last long and as it melts tears will fall onto the soggy ground.

But there’s still beauty in the tears as the sun shines around them. There’s still beauty in our tears as the Son shines around us. Oh to cherish the beauty of tears sometimes.

Oh to cherish the beauty of the people in my life. Oh to cherish the beauty of the messy things too. Oh to cherish family and those I love. Oh to cherish the love of Jesus who cherishes us.





I’m joining in with a great company of others who cherish writing and words at todays


Happy Weekend!

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