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Do you hear a voice within?

The Spirit of God is arousing us within. God’s Spirit beckons.

Romans 8:23,14

Why did my heart beat a little faster when I just finished reading those words in Romans? I just told a friend this morning that I’ve been feeling a little “spiritually stagnant” lately…especially when it comes to blogging. But being in the Word this afternoon, I just asked God “What?”. I was reading Romans 8:12-17. Lately I’ve been studying NIV or The Voice versions but I I feel led to open up The Message. I brushed off the dust from it and read those verses. But 8: 14 jumped out at me:

God’s Spirit beckons. There are thing to do and places to go!”

And high lighted below, years ago, was verse 8:21-25..

“…the joyful anticipation deepens…the Spirit of God is arousing us within.”

Are you feeling beckoned? Beckoned to start something new? Beckoned to not give up? Beckoned to go somewhere? Beckoned to make a difference in your little (or big) world? Is there a voice arousing your heart deep down with anticipation of…something?

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