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Get Up, Go, Deliver And Shine | Part 1



Talking politics with others is not my cup of tea.  I don’t watch CNN or read the daily paper.  But there’s some things going on out there that’s hard not to hear.  And hard to hear.  With hearing Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for help from our country who’s leaders are shunning, 21 martyred from ISIS, and the growing dangers of the world, to name a few, all are reasons to be on my knees more in prayer.  Prayer is needed here in Alamance county, too.  NC ranks 8th out of our 50 states in human trafficking activity – especially in our county centralized in the state.   Last year there were 4000 homeless people (including children) in our county and there’s the debate of ABSS superintendent’s salary being excessive when there’s teachers who get paid the least in the state and kids are without books or technology.

What happened to the days of the Cleaver family?

As a mom of a teen and tween, these are increasingly concerning matters they’re having to grow up with – and ones parents have to teach their kids about.  Most importantly, how God sees all of this and His instruction to believers on how we’re to live and serve among these decisions and issues that are against God’s Word…or paralleling with it.

Oh God!

“Prayer is the breath of the soul, the organ by which we receive Christ into our parched and withered heart.” – Prayer by O. Hallesby 

A powerful time of prayer here in Alamance county took place last month where about 125 women joined together and prayed for bravery, courageousness and faith.  We cried out to God for help.  On our knees we prayed for repentance. Yes, personal repentance but also for our country.

Before that weekend though, there was a small group of women who devoted their time to pray for the women attending the IF:Alamance’s IF:Gathering, before and during the event. There was one women though who wasn’t able to make it at the last minute. That didn’t stop her from praying for us all during the event though –  and when I write that, I mean it.  To my amazement afterwards, I learned exactly what God’s Spirit led this woman to pray for us. Having shared with each other our stories from that weekend, we both believe it was divine intervention that she couldn’t come to the gathering in person because she was able to retreat and be secluded to pray uninterruptedly for us. She prayed for us at the top of every hour – even in the middle of the night and very early morning hours – for about 24 hours.

Thank you. Oh, thank you.

With her permission, I’m going to share what God’s Spirit led her to pray for us – for you and me and women in Alamance county.  Yes, for ALL women in our area who hunger to follow Jesus.

“So let me share a few things I experienced during my time of prayer and fasting. I was so blessed to be able to participate by praying during the event. I decided with each hour of prayer that I would open my Bible to a random Scripture to listen first before I laid my requests before God.

Here are some of the areas I felt lead to pray and meditate based on Scripture:

  1. for women in leadership positions – at work, jobs, groups as well as at home – at the event, leading the local events and attendees

  2. for our roles as mothers & wives to influence our children and future generations

  3. to be women of few words and not gossipers

  4. to be women who listen to God’s voice & not become distracted by the attractions of the world

  5. to listen to those who teach with authority and to know God’s Word, so that we are not deceived

  6. for those who have strayed from the Lord, to return

  7. to cry out to Jesus – He will not forsake us.

  8. that we shine as beautiful women, as God’s daughters, with love, kindness & gentleness

  9. to be be the women God created us to be

  10. for daily strength, even Jesus got tired and weary doing God’s will

  11. for us to stand guard and be aware of sin in our own tribes – family, work, friends – to confront it and confess it

Words that stood out in what I read and prayer for were …. Get Up, Go, Deliver the Message, Shine

She also reflected on these other teachings in Scripture: Daniel, Samson, Abraham, Jesus, and to be a servant to others. She was also led to read Luke 8:1-3, Jeremiah 14:20-21 and Psalm 105 (feel free to look at the links to each of those verses – how they related with the teachings at the event amazed me).

Will you join me and this friend in praying those prayers for the women in your life?  For the women in Alamance county?   Prayer is powerful and brings hope and miracles.  For the rest of Lent, would you pray for one of those needs mentioned above each day?

Personally, what stood out to me are those four phrases: Get Up, Go, Deliver the Message, Shine.

One part of the gathering was a time of confession and repentance.  It was moving for so many and one of the women praying with passion was Ann Voskamp.  She shared on her blog some of that prayer in written words and challenges us to pray that prayer each day during Lent.  As I’ve prayed that, along with the ones my friend shared, I began to see how humanly unintentional yet divinely harmonized those prayers became.

So, for the rest of this Lent season, I’m planning to take each of those callings and relate them to Ann’s prayer of repentance along with what my fingers end up typing on the keyboard about it.

You’re welcome to join me.


 {To read the other posts from this series feel free to find them here}

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