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Nine things I learned in August


It’s the end of August. The end of summer. The end of kids staying in bed until they want to get up in the morning and the end of trips to the pool. And as I look ahead at the rest of 2013 (which I’m a little excited and nervous to see what God knows and I don’t quite yet) – I look back and see what I’ve learned in August. Joining in with Emily Freeman and the community who’s also sharing what they’ve learned this past month.

#1 These days people throw Gender Reveal parties. What? I’ve never heard of such a thing until some friends at my scrapbook workshop informed me of this what-can-be elaborate event – and that means I’m getting old…or I need to find me some younger friends. The soon-to-be parents go to the ultrasound, the M.D. sees the gender, and puts the answer whether the baby is a boy or girl in a sealed envelop. Then the party planning beings! Relative and friends create all sorts of activities to reveal the gender to the soon-to-be parents. A cake is made with the color pink or blue inside of the cake being so when the cake is cut they find out the gender. You can put pink or blue balloons in a box and open it to see them flow out revealing a boy or girl and the list can go on with ways to reveal. Before the gender is revealed though they have games where people vote which they predict the baby will be. So, maybe you didn’t know that and now you do like me.

#2 I learned if you’re 16 and older you have to have a fishing license but you can fish without a license if you’re younger than 16. I, nor anyone in my family, have ever been fishers but when we went to the lake one weekend with friends who like to fish, I learned that fact. I didn’t quite understand why age had anything to do with whether a license was needed to fish or not but my hubby said it’s like the restaurants who say: “If you’re 12 and under you get to eat free!”. I like to see it that way as an encouragement for family time! (There were lots of fish caught that weekend and tales told).


#3 It’s really possible to get 21 mosquito bites in just 3 minutes. I went outside to cut some fresh flowers and was literally attacked by them. I’ll spare you a picture of the huge whelps on my legs and arms.

#4 I’ve got to let my daughter make her own decisions when it comes to doing something “on her own”. Even ideas of how a poster should be designed. (ouch) She was making them for her bake sale to raise money to give to Feed the Hunger ministry who gave school supplies to students in desperate need. I had a vision in my mind and I was trying to encourage her to do it the way I wanted it to look…but it was her idea to hold the bake sale so the poster should be her idea too! It’s hard to “let go” of the thought that she’s not a young child anymore…she’s a preteen 10 year old turning into a beautiful young lady with a big heart. (And she raised $105!)



#5 This is really a reminder instead of something learned but it hit home in a new way this month. God has known *things* all along and prepares us for the right time and when it is, wants us to take that step of faith. He has been whispering to me the past 2 months to lead a bible study to a group of women. I ignored those whispers the past few months until this past month when His voice because more than a whisper – more like a loud cheer. The cheer was a little pep rally where I heard “You can do it – deep down inside – so bring it up, don’t let it hide!” OK…that cheer may be a little cheesy but the words really are true. It can also be said this way: “Take that leap of faith and get out of your comfort zone – you’ve been in it long enough.” So I am and I’m excited.

#6 A friend told me about a must-read book I had never heard of. She thought…or somehow just knew I needed to read it. So, I got it and I’m only on page10 and the pages are more hot pink from the highlight marker than plain black ink on white paper. The book is Anything by Jennie Allen. Thanks Susan!


#7 There’s a ministry called Good Morning Girls. It’s a pretty cool bible study and concept of how to guide women though the Word whether it’s with a group of people in your town or all through the world. Check it out.

#8 I learned when you finally let out what’s been a battle and bottled up inside you for a long time, it’s a bittersweet release. Bitter due to the fear of the unknown outcome but sweet knowing it was needed and the feeling of release brings hope.

#9 I learned there’s a gathering in a barn I really want to go to in November and anxiously waiting for more details!

Thanks for stopping by and reading what I’ve learned this month. What did you learn in August? How about sharing it by making a comment below!

I hope you have a long weekend filled with rest and joy.

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