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(the print above, now hanging on our wall, was designed by a talented artist and blogger whom you can check out at Studio JRU)


I’m considering it a blessing to not have much to write about today.

It’s just a mundane, dreary, rainy, and ordinary day. Get the kids off to school, then go volunteer at school, go get groceries for the week and de-clutter the home as company for bible study arrives this evening.

It can be looked at as writer’s block or simply a time to ponder. It can be looked at with frustration or simply a time of rest. It can be looked at with discouragement or simply a hint from the Author Himself to be still and listen…or to pause.

I actually read today, “…whenever God speaks to us it’s pause-worthy.” So I’m going to consider this pause a gift. I’m in the middle of the book The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg. I highly recommend it. (And if you live in the Burlington, NC area, there’s a bible study based from this book. Click here if you want more information.)

So, turn the ears on and listen to the soul. After all, it is part of His story…His love story.

Still counting reasons to thank God:

#1153 celebrating my mom’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, mom!!!

#1154 75* Sunday in January

#1155 the book The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg…resonating.

#1156 Daughter building confidence and decided herself to audition for All County Chorus at school. Even thought she didn’t make the audition, we are still so proud of her for taking the step to try! It was also a joy that she was not very disappointed.

#1157 finishing a Life Story book for a 93 year young woman (see part of her story this Wednesday)

#1158 husband and son having movie night 2 nights in a row (Sherlock Holmes I & II)

#1159 Scrapbooking from noon to midnight with scrapbook friends

#1160 looking through family scrapbooks for an hour with my daughter

#1161 lovely shadow – the sun setting sunrays stretching through our window on the flowers.


#1162 something sweet – baking a new recipe of chocolate chip pound cake – yummy!

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