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Still chewing and pondering



I’m still processing what I heard at Allume. There was so much to learn and I need to read over all my notes many times to soak it all in. There’s so much I’ve wanted to explore, change and create since then but really I’ve felt a little overwhelmed and not even knowing where to start.

But I know over the past two weeks there’s been other things that I’m thankful I could do since then. It’s been a gift to celebrate my husband’s grandmother’s 90th birthday, our niece’s baptism, helping with my daughter’s science fair project, starting a new discipleship training, and talking with the kids about election and government and our faith as believers in relation to it. And while I’m in the midst of all those things, down in my heart I’ve had time to ponder and marinate some of what I learned.

But these are some quotes from speakers I heard that really stood out to me. These are some of the words that had big stars drawn beside them in my little spiral notebook.

I can find a little thread connecting some of these quotes together that maybe God was pointing out specifically to me:

~Live by God’s Word first :

God calls us to have muddy lives. We must have a clean heart but dirty hands. – Mary DeMuth

“If you aren’t studying the Word and pondering Christ, you won’t have a mind worthy of communicating Christ.” – Sally Clarkson

~Keep on writing:

“Writing is a muscle…you need to keep practicing to get stronger.” Darcy Milder

“Write on people first, then write on screens.” – Ann Voskamp

Be a word servant. ~ Mary DeMuth

~Be a disciple:

“Jesus’ life was local and personal.” – Sally Clarkson He will spread your message according to His will.

“Jesus wants us to show our authentic journey.” Logan Wolfram

“We are making disciples: if we have readers, we are discipling.” Logan Wolfram

~Be yourself:

“Comparing yourself to others insults God.” ~ Jessica Heights

“Be wise and speak from the area of your giftedness. ~ Logan Wolfram God says, ‘I don’t need another Sally, Ann, Emily or Mary. I need a Beth.’”

~An added sweet treat:

“Always eat your mudcake without a fork!” Darren Rowes Dive into your dream!

And I’ll end this with this quote I was given at the conference and I set it up right above my computer:

I’m still chewing and pondering those simple reminders.

(photos at top from Smile Booth)

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