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Today’s word: Afraid


It can be as easy as blinking your eye to be afraid of the unknown.

So many special people in my life have been in trials where fear and doubts could shred their hope into pieces if they let it. And on the outside you’d never know their hearts were as heavy as carrying a ton of bricks. But inside is different: Fears parents have for their four month daughter that only has half a heart and has already had two heart surgeries. Fear of a husband and father who’s about to be deployed to another continent. Fear of the future and the unknown and providing for a family. Fear that a couple won’t work on a shaky marriage. Fear that pain will never go away.

If hope is not clung to, it can unravel. If trust in God’s sovereignty is bleak, dark shadows can suffocate the light. If faith is so rocky, an avalanche can be looming.

I once read that an “underlying sin is lack of trust in God.” Oh how long that list of the times I haven’t trusted God can be on my chalkboard of life! It’s so easy to worry and to be afraid of what- if’s and the unknown. I’m so grateful that because of what Jesus did on the cross allows that list to be erased off the board.

Anne Graham Lotz wrote that “God is WORTHY of your trust because He is Sovereign…in control and He is totally committed to you.”

So when those whispers of doubt and fear are heard, remember God is totally committed to you and He just wants you to trust Him.

Joined in with Five Minute Friday where we take just five minutes and see what flows from our fingertips onto the keyboard: today’s word is “afraid”

Have a weekend filled with rest, laughter, special moments and good health (especially in the cruddy cold time of year!)

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