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What I learned in September

Welcomed into fall, football games, family time and fellowship this month.  Here’s what I learned in September…







1.  I learned what it feels like to be in a beautiful barn with 45 other women who have the heart to tell stories through writing and songs.  My soul was fed along with 44 others this perfect fall afternoon.  It felt like a little piece of heaven in those old, four walls.  It was led by one of my favorite authors, Emily P. Freeman and songwriter and singer, Christa Wells in Myquillyn, the Nester’s barn.  They all used their art and encouraged us to use ours.

We were given opportunities to to meet fellow dreamers and bloggers, write, share different writing challenges and we all understood them.  We exchanged smiles, conversations, blogs and even some hugs.

Every word spoken and song sang now has a special place inside but here’s some that stood out the most.

  1. writing makes you brave

  2. writing for me is soul care

  3. I must be soaked in God’s Word to be the writer I hope to be

  4. much good happens in the space where nothing is happening (elaborating on that soon)

  5. embrace my smallness

  6. the Holy Spirit can use my voice and vision

  7. get rid of “almost fully released courage”

That evening as dusk settled in for the night and millions of stars started popping out in vast, black sky, the barn was lit by candles and dim lights on a string. Emily shared art reading stories from her book A Million Little Ways.  Christa played the piano and sang her art that offered rest and beauty and worship.

It was a sweet and holy evening like no other.  That day at the barn was a gift I’ll keep tucked in my soul.




IMG_2426 (1)ab

2.   I learned what it feels like to pray with 19 other women, most I had never met before.  And it wasn’t just 20 women praying that night – it was thousands all over the world.  Sitting on picnic tables under a candle-lit shelter at a baseball field on a cool, drizzly evening, hands joined, heads bowed, words whispered and called out loud.  Prayers that brought glory and praise.  Prayers that cried out for help.  Prayers that asked for protection.  Prayers for unity in our community.  John 17 was prayed.   My friend described it beautifully here.



3.  Earlier this month I wrote here about something else I learned…

4.  It was a perfect fall Saturday night.  Football season.  The best part of the evening was the halftime show. Have you ever seen and heard the NC A&T Marching Band?  I’ve heard many things about that band but in person, it’s out of this world!  At my alma mater’s football game I saw how they’ve got rhythm, musical talent and can dance and play an instrument at the same time.  What I learned from them though was how much they practice.  While waiting at the bus stop the band marched by and started loading their 5 charter buses right in front of us.  A man, who appeared to be a staff leader, stopped beside us, so I asked him how often they rehearse.  He said they go to class from 8am to noon.  They have noon until 4pm to eat lunch and do homework and then they rehearse from 4pm until 11pm Sunday – Thursday.  Then on Fridays they rehearse from 4pm – 1am!  Thay practice more than the football team!  Wanna see what we saw?  Watch here.


5.  Need a new family game?  Then get Telestrations.  It’s a combination of Pictionary and the old Telephone game.  It brings lots of laughs and is really good for all ages!

Even though that’s just 5 things I learned, there was a lot to absorb this month.

Next month, starting tomorrow, is October and that means 31 Days Series.  I hope you’ll join me in this little journey I’m taking each day in October.  You’ll have to wait and see tomorrow evening but I invite and hope you’ll come on over.

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