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What It’s Like To Be At IF:Gathering at IF:Alamance




Over 125 women hear this girl say with a shaky voice while eyes welling up, “Where do I even begin?  How in the world can I put this weekend into words that can be remotely close to describing what a holy experience this is.  I do know that you are here for a reason.  I do know that God’s Spirit is present and among us right here.  In this time.  This place.”

This time and place we’ve been waiting for, praying over and planning for was finally here.  There hasn’t been one day since Feburay 5, 2014 where I, and I know hundreds of other women, haven’t dreamed and prayed asking God for a group of women here in Alamance County NC to be sitting here together.  I visioned each of us together in a large room even though I couldn’t see specific faces, numbers or even location.   I knew though it was to be from different churches, different journeys, different ages, different stages.  But all for one reason and purpose.  To made Jesus huge in our area.

And the doors opened everything simply feel into perfect places because of our Perfect God.

And now, here we are.  Over 125 in this room.  With thousands and thousands of women ALL.OVER.THE.WORLD.

Joined together.  A unified army  of women who deep down want to be crazy dangerous but who are so used to living safe.

Jesus is right here with us as I type this.



We’ve seen Him with hands raised in worship.  Hands open to receive grace.  Hearts cut to the chase.

There’s sniffles heard throughout the room.  From me comes sobs.  And these tears and sniffles are of humility, offering and gratitude.

Hearts are being exposed and real and raw.   Whose hearts?  The hearts in this conference room.  The hearts of all of us in living rooms and churches around the world.  And in the hearts of the IF speakers on the stage as they speak with vulnerability and TRUTH, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through them…tears and all.

During confession silence was heavy yet freeing with God’s Spirit.   There was raw PRAYER.






In this room there’s knees on the floor instead of rears on a chair.

There’s surrender, offering and the feeling of anticipation and revival.  Faith is growing and we’re tired of being nice.  Instead of being nice we want to be courageous.  Instead of nice, we want to be fearless all in the name of Jesus.

I’m getting texts from and hearing women tell each other at their tables, “We need to have this at our church next year.”  One who is visiting her daughter here in NC wants to spread the Word of God in here city, Victoria, Canada with the help of IF next year.   Flames are starting to bounce all over the place.

New friendships are made and old ones are given a new ignition.  There’s laughter and excitement and even giddiness.  Women are shaking in their boots with the excitement of what God will ignite them to do for Him.  Right now.

Flames are being ignited!

It is by God grace we are here.  It is by His love and power that we are here as a body of believers.  To Him we have gratitude.

And it’s still not over!  Not only here this weekend because a wildfire will be expanding rapidly around this world!


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